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I run into this a lot. I probably can’t tell you the specific region of someone’s accent, but what I
If you come into audition for me, and you’re so nervous that you can’t get through your audition – that’s
I’ve noticed that many people tend to think of an audition as a step, or a test, on the way
Being off-book is ideal. Being off-book is what I want to see, when an actor walks into an audition. When
Ah, the long-lamented, woefully redundant, ever-exacerbated topic – headshots. Much like online dating – it matters. A lot. Until the
It drives me insane when a creative team says they want someone who looks ‘sexy.’ ‘Sexy’ covers such a gamut
It’s a common fear among developing actors, that a fleshed-out resume is what stands between them and a job. And
As I’ve mentioned, it’s a common fear among developing actors, that existing credits are what stands between them and a
I know when you find a character who really speaks to you, and that you really feel you can bring
I’m a very judge-y person. I don’t deny it – it’s partly my job; to size up a person I’ve
It’s difficult, to be an auditioning actor these days, with the pace of casting and also the level of confidentiality
Before we start – there is no outlet for this monologue, as it was written for this blog post, and
It’s a new year, and with the entire world in constant turmoil, every which way you turn, it’s been hard
In light of our society’s pursuit of constant happiness, I wanted to address an issue that I see plaguing a
The speed of the dialogue in a scene is difficult to nail down. And often – you prepare certain rhythms
Sometimes, I have so many words running through my head I don’t know how to put them into writing. Sometimes
In an increasingly digital world, in which we’re able to live and work anywhere, self tapes are a fact of
Please, for the love of anything you hold sacred - don't get naked in your self tape. Yes.  You read
So you didn’t get the role – and you don’t know why.   It’s hard, with every role you don’t
So you didn’t get the role – because you’re not the right ‘fit’ Some of it is stuff you can’t
So you didn’t get the role – why couldn’t I just tell you that?   First things first – I
So you didn’t get the role – and it just plain sucks.   Yeah, it does. It sucks. I can
I’ve been asked this question a lot in recent months, so let’s discuss – what importance does a social media
In auditioning fighters and wrestlers who are transitioning into actors, I’ve noticed a distinctly different approach to acting.  There’s an
Having discussed this a few times over the past weeks, I’d like to dive into the question of transitioning as
Hello. Hi. I see you. I know you exist. We all know you exist.  One of the beautiful things about
The purpose of this isn’t to tell you the class to take, the book to read, or the bar to
When in doubt – AKA unless otherwise instructed in the audition notes - jeans and decent top. Make sure you’re
I appreciate your acting teachers, and the work they do with you. I really do. But there is a distinct
The truth of the matter is, we’re living in a post-HD world. The camera can see if you don’t know
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