so you didn’t get the role – 3 of 4
so you didn’t get the role – 3 of 4

so you didn’t get the role – 3 of 4

So you didn’t get the role – why couldn’t I just tell you that?


First things first – I consider it my job to make sure you feel good, like you did your best, before walking out of the room. If I think there’s something more you can bring to the scene, I’m going to ask you to do it again.  Conversely, I’m not going to let you beat a dead horse, if you ask to do it four more times after I said I have what I need.  But I will make sure, that you walk out of my audition room feeling positive, and feeling that I have what I need. Now – it may not be what I need for THIS ROLE. It may be just what I need in order to get to know you better, so that I can keep you in mind for roles that DO fit you.  It’s my job, and my passion, to see potential in you, that even you don’t see.  You know what? Right here, right now – I’m asking for your trust.  In fact, I need your trust, that even though you didn’t get this role, and you didn’t hear back – that I still see your potential, and believe there’s a role down the road that will make you shine.  I’m hopeful and fighting for every person who reads for me.  No audition is a chore for me. It is an opportunity. An exploration.  Every audition I ask for, I’m hoping that you seize this chance and show me a facet of yourself that rings true and brings this character to life.


Here’s a dirty little secret of mine – I may not have told you because I’m stalling.  Maybe what you brought to the table isn’t what I originally thought of the character. But it was good! And it was fresh. But it’s not what was asked for, and I know my team will shut it down. However – I’d like it in my back pocket in case my team goes – ‘enh, this is so [A], I thought that’s what I wanted but now I’m not sure…’ and I can whip your audition out of my back pocket and go ‘Well what about [B]?  I’ve got an audition here that might be exactly what we need!’


I’ve had a choice totally shut down, and the idea of hiring that particular actor beaten into oblivion, that it was absolutely, positively, never-in-a-million-years going to happen. I still talked to the agents that day with hope. And three, four? months later, when that actor finally signed on – other than the sweet, sweet taste of success, it was a wonderful feeling, knowing we’d finally made it happen, together.


And here’s the shittiest reason I didn’t give you feedback – I sadly didn’t have time. I spend my time fighting for and searching for and trying to discover that person (maybe it’s you!) who is the right fit.  And for the most part – feedback doesn’t help you.  I could spend 5-10 minutes giving your feedback, but chances are, it’s specific to the audition you had with me, and any notes won’t help you for your next audition.  If I did that for every actor who came in – I wouldn’t have time to actually hold auditions.


No news is not bad news. It’s just that I have nothing to help you move forward – if and when I do have something to help you move forward, I’ll share it with you. I promise.

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