self tape guidelines – addendum
self tape guidelines – addendum

self tape guidelines – addendum

Please, for the love of anything you hold sacred – don’t get naked in your self tape.

Yes.  You read that correctly – don’t get naked, unless you’re asked to get naked.  A sentence, accompanying your self tape, letting us know you’re comfortable with nudity – that’s enough.  I don’t need to know your family secrets.


  1. Just when I start scrolling for updates on self-tape ettiquette as I ruminate the quality and “correctness” of my recent self-tapes, I read this!
    The next time I start talking too critically in my head about what I could have done differently in my tape I’ll be sure to say “Girl, at least you didn’t get naked.” I do not care if that’s what you intended actors do with this information. It is now all MINE to help neutralize negative self talk that may creep up as if I have nothing better to think about so….thanks. LMAO!

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