what I’m trying to do here

what I’m trying to do here

Hello!  I’m Claire.  I work in casting.  I’ve never wanted to be an actor.  I’ve been on stage since I was three years old, and am glad that it can inform how I relate to actors, but I have no desire whatsoever to get back in front of an audience. I love the entire filmmaking process, and I particularly adore the fascinating creatures who voluntarily get in front of a screen and allow a story to come to life, through you.  I love discovering you, I love show-casing your strengths, and I love tapping into your hidden potential.  It’s an unbelievably exciting process for me to help you say what you want to say, to match you with a filmmaking team, and together – create something that connects with an audience.

However – Hollywood is a business. And so often, it feels like there is some kind of wall, or fence, that is vast and impenetrable, between an actor and his or her success.

I’d like to prove that wall isn’t real.  Or at least – that wall has been built up in your mind, and I’d like to take it down, brick by brick.

I’d like to help you build tools so that by the time I meet you, whether it’s in an audition room, a workshop, a seminar, or just out on the street – we are in a place where we can work together.

I’d like to inspire those wanting to join this industry, to do so in a positive, collaborative and honest way, as I believe in doing.

There are a lot of strong opinions out there about how to make it in film and television – mine may be just more noise in the zeitgeist. But if anything I say, lands with you – I consider it worth my time.

now come closer, my precious, and take a look…