you can always wear less makeup
you can always wear less makeup

you can always wear less makeup

The truth of the matter is, we’re living in a post-HD world. The camera can see if you don’t know how to blend.

Part of your job as an actor, is to put real people on screen. To portray them honestly and truthfully. That message is a little skewed when hidden behind a thick layer of foundation.

I’m not knocking makeup in general – personally I love it, and I think a little of it goes a long way for the camera. And have you seen anyone on social media lately? Being gorgeous is the new normal.

But – artificial.

If my job, in an audition, is to assess you, and see what we’re working with – heavy makeup makes my job harder. And it also has the unfortunate connotation that you’re insecure with your face, and that makes me jump to the conclusion that you likely have emotional walls that a director won’t be able to get through.

If a little makeup makes you feel better, makes you feel more confident – go for it.  It’ll change your energy if you feel good about yourself.  But truly – there’s no need for a full face.

One – I brought you in because I want to see you, all of you, and I want to assess your acting skills, not your makeup application skills.

Two – if you’re feeling self-conscious, just remember no one is really going to see these videos except me and my team.  And we like your face how it is.

Three – if we do need you to look ‘glamorous’ or ‘CW sexy’ or whatever other adjective is in the breakdown – we’ll help you get there. After we’ve already determined that creatively, you’re right for the role.


Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash


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