Welcome, to this tiny little corner of the internet that contains the scattered remnants of my professional brain.  I’ve written a few fragments down, in the hope that a little bit of those thoughts – or maybe even some – is helpful.

Simply put – I love artists. And in particular, I love the capricious, captivating, complex creatures otherwise known as actors.

I find it courageous and thrilling that these beautiful souls willingly put themselves on display, inviting and encouraging witness and censure, to tell others’ stories and their own.

But it’s hard.

I find a lot of people feel like they’re on the outside, looking in, and it’s easy to say – well, they got lucky. The right person noticed them, the right door opened for them, and five minutes later, they were waving from the red carpet. If only I were so lucky.

This point of view – it doesn’t help anyone.  Not only does it diminish the diligence of those who excel at their craft, it also stops people from trying to put in the work. Because luck, we can’t control. And if we’ve decided we’re not lucky enough to be an actor, then surely we shouldn’t waste time putting in the effort.

Here’s the thing I think that viewpoint doesn’t want to admit.  Acting looks easy, looks serene, looks like a breeze – and it’s really, really, fucking difficult.

Early on with this site I wrote:

Acting requires hard work, intelligence, patience, passion, perspiration, optimism, diligence, joy, appreciation, strength of character, gratitude, understanding, vulnerability, an open heart, an open mind and above all – unabashed courage.

I still believe this.  I still believe tackling the business side of the industry is not a challenge to be taken lightly. Long after Hollywood has worn you down and changed your spirit, there will be those who want it more than you, and will hold out just a little longer.  It’s a thankless, hopeless, miserable profession that will destroy your faith in humanity, make you doubt what’s fair in this fucked-up world and discourage you to the point you deride every aspect of yourself.

It can also be fulfilling, intellectual, passionate, inspirational, progressive, engaging, philosophical, unbelievably rewarding, and fun as all fucking hell.